iOS Sticker Pack: Guilt-free Ghosting
Designer & Developer
We've all been there. The two dates you went on were extremely okay. They voted for Gary Johnson. Their favourite movie is Evan Almighty. They ordered red wine with the cod, and you thought they'd know better, seeing as all of their Bumble pictures were of them holding fish. 

Just one of the many wonderful options Guster provides to let people know you're no longer interested in them.

Our sticker pack absolves you of all the guilt that comes with ghosting. It's got all the classic breakup lines written out for you in a friendly font, and they're delivered via the very cheery Guster the Ghost. Just download the sticker pack from the App Store, choose your favourite, brutally honest sticker and carry on your merry newly single way.
What could possibly go wrong?
Note: All kidding aside, there is a very legitimate reason for ghosting – for many women, it's often the safest exit from toxic situations with men (read more here). This sticker pack is satirical, and I don't recommend actually ending a relationship via my app (but if you do, PLEASE EMAIL ME and tell me how it went because I'm way too cowardly to do it myself).
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