Role: Designer
Note: The engineering team has taken down for repairs for the summer. Read the project introduction here.
The Joycestick website was an essential component of the project, and a big focus for me and the marketing team. Because VR is neither easily accessible nor possible to put on the web (not in the way Joycestick was built, that is), the website was the project's face to the world. It was the closest that most people would get to trying out the game, so we had to figure out how best to describe something that really has to be seen to be believed. 
It was a challenge. Below is the end result: a light, airy look that complements the existing branding while communicating some of the fun of the game. The clear weather, sun, tower, and beach are all clear references to events and locations within the novel. The clean, bright, and simple bands of color and shape reflect the aesthetic of art deco travel posters in Joyce's time. So it's a modernization of a modernist art movement that's used to communicate a project that is itself a modernization of a modernist novel. The travel poster has historically been used to lure the viewer into a different space, and putting on the headset is a lot like being teleported somewhere, so I thought the likeness to be appropriate.
It's a visuals-heavy page for a visuals-heavy project, but every art asset is an .svg file, so it's lightweight to boot. We wanted the core experience to be simple: to get a sense of what the project is and its scope in a minute or two. If you wanted to dive deeper, you could do that too. I divided the site into four basic sections: the relatively unadorned above-the-fold (highly underrated move in this 22-yo's opinion), introduction, press, and tour. They were the obvious four things to cover: intriguing lede, nut graf, establishing legitimacy, and where the project was going. Anything else, like our Youtube or Github pages, were hyperlinked. The Joycestick Gameplay trailer was the natural starting video option: it shows in-game action and covers the bases in under a minute. 
This is the third iteration of the website, after several rounds of feedback from our PM and engineering team.
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