Like many lapsed Irish Catholics, I’ve got a mind for business and a body for sin. And a love for Mike Nichols, clearly. Let’s cut to the chase: the ample exposure to PBS that I received as a child has made me emotionally vulnerable in ways that are entirely unhelpful, and I have spent much of my young adulthood submerged in an unrelenting — if light and manageable — depression as a result. Growing up in a village in the Irish countryside was not ultimately a difficult experience, but I am choosing to believe that it was so I can justify my new American existence, despite its dubious advantages and myriad disappointments.
Did I have any interest in becoming an animator in my youth in Ireland? Absolutely none. Do I have any interest in doing it now? Well, at least I’m not one of those people who call themselves a motion graphics designer, or a visual effects artist. It could be worse. It can always be worse.
At 24, I am growing dimly aware that my life will almost certainly not fulfill the grand trajectory I had planned for it. You know the phrase: a man thinks up a plan, and God laughs, unless hes watching SNL. Ergo, God is responsible for me animating and editing (and making these), instead of doing what I desperately want to do, which is direct.
I live in New York, because I think LA is probably too hot (I sweat easily). Also I cannot drive. I have opinions about living in the northwest of Ireland, Dublin, and Boston, where I went to college, but not New York. It is simply too big to have an opinion about it. Specificities are fair game: Prospect Park in May is the most glorious place on Earth; all the croissants cost $6.75 and are generally shit.
My aloof personal website aside, I am not a detached individual. When I start an email with “I hope this finds you well,” I mean it. I care, likely too much, and I will care about doing a good job on your project. This is partly to ensure prompt fulfillment of invoices, but mostly because I am at a stage in life where all I really want to do is make good work, and have a good time doing it.
If that sounds fine to you, maybe you can find me well at