NYT Cooking Proposal: Bitesized Series
Produced by Liam Weir
As NYT Cooking looks to expand and embrace new audiences while keeping its current subscribers happy, it's got to bring the content to them: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.
"Bitesized" is a series of short, social-friendly videos that aims to do just that. 45 seconds and under, these airy videos showcase some of NYT Cooking's simpler samplings – enticing new people to sign up while reminding long-time fans to sign in and finally give that baby artichoke risotto a go. It brings the Times' iconic fonts (like Cheltenham and Karnak) to video, reflecting not only the brand, but also the changing ways people watch: with the sound off.
Note regarding copyright: this page is private, and was created solely for the purposes of the NYT Cooking Production Assistant application. I will remove the page and video after a period of time, or as requested.
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