The Macarena and Cheese
Call me a typical art school bro, but I love the early web. It wasn't about being slick, or useful. It was about ideas and experimentation. Designers and coders used every tool in the web wheelhouse simply because they could. It was chaotic, it was weird, and it was inventive. 
Fast forward 20 years: the web is dominated by two companies, both of whom offer a decidedly bland visual experience. The brash, searing tones of the early web have been replaced by a motley of mild blues and greys – whatever tested better in focus groups. And the group of pioneers who crafted the famous and wacky hypertext fiction have been lost. Ironically, as the mainstream web matured, its content regressed. We use fewer tools; we paint in fewer colors. The pioneering spirit is gone.
I decided to develop a personal site as an homage to the movement and its boundary-pushing boldness. Below is the end result.
Created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and RapidWeaver.
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